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How do you like to dash?
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How do you like to dash?

How do you like to dash?

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Bitters are a versatile ingredient that should be on the shelf in every bar, nightclub and home bar. But why should you use them in your cocktails? Discover the delicious cocktails you can create with BITTERTALES and find out how you like to dash.


Bitters add complexity to your drinks. Adding bitters to a cocktail doesn’t necessarily mean it will have a strong bitter flavor. Instead, bitters help accentuate other tastes, like sourness or sweetness, and give your drink more depth of flavor. And it’s a solid bet if you want to convince your guests you are a little bit fancy.


They’re a necessary ingredient for many popular cocktails. Some drinks like the Manhattan, the Sazerac, or an Old Fashioned won’t have the same delicious and complex flavor without at least a dash of bitters. We prefer a lot.


Bitters have health benefits. Just like digestive bitters, the cocktail variety is good for your stomach and can aid with digestion. But let’s be honest, the first two reasons were enough. We just like things in threes.

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The Bittertales' Cocktail Recipes

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