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Hand holding up BITTERTALES Aromatic Bitters bottle
BITTERTALES Aromatic Bitters bottle photo
Hand holding up BITTERTALES Aromatic Bitters bottle

A modern take on a classic cocktail staple

The Preface


BITTERTALES delivers a modern take on a classic cocktail staple, combining exceptional quality and unmatched value for a unique offering unlike any other bitters brand. A proprietary mix of 20 herbs and spices is seasonally sourced for optimal freshness, and hand crafted in small batches at our family-owned distillery.

With a playful spirit and a taste for the eccentric, BITTERTALES offers a contemporary cocktail bitters with a new generation of drinkers in mind.

About Bittertales

The Introduction

Our Hand Crafted Small Batch Process

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    STEP 1


    We select only the finest botanicals, rotating our sources seasonally to optimize the quality of ingredients.

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    STEP 2


    Ingredients are mixed by hand in small batches to maintain consistency and quality of flavor in our proprietary recipe.

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    STEP 3


    To extract the perfect essence from the botanicals, a 95% neutral spirit is added and the mixture is macerated until the ideal balance of flavors is achieved.

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    STEP 4


    The macerated liquid is then matured for one month, an extra step that promotes intensity and complexity of the flavor.

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    STEP 5


    BITTERTALES is bottled by hand at our family-owned distillery.

BITTERTALES Aromatic Bitters decorative pattern
BITTERTALES Aromatic Bitters bottle

The Cocktails

How Do You Like to Dash?

Bitters are a versatile ingredient that should be on the shelf in every bar, nightclub and home bar. But why should you use them in your cocktails? Discover the delicious cocktails you can create with BITTERTALES and find out how you like to dash.

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